Couples Photography {Whitby Family Photographer // Melissa Maahs Photography}

A perfectly beautiful evening for this cute couple’s engagement session, shot during what we photographers call ‘the golden hour’. The hour or 2 before the sun sets, and even the minutes after the sun has set is the most magical time of day for portraits! The light is soft, warm, and glowing. If you’ve ever wondered why I insist on shooting during the last couple hours of daylight, this couple’s session is a perfect visual example of why.

Sometimes when discussing photo session times with families with very young children, who are often long asleep before the golden hour, the parents are a concerned with keeping their kids up past their normal bedtimes. I know the thought of keeping your babies up 1 to 2 hours past their bedtime for a family photo session sounds like a recipe for disaster, and even though it may throw their schedule off the next day, and maybe even they day after that, it’s worth it to take advantage of the best light of the day…golden hour!

Your family portraits are forever. When your babies have grown, and you barely remember what life was like when they were so little, I guarantee you won’t regret the times you kept them up past their bedtime for beautiful family portraits. I’ve photographed many families who have trusted me that it would be worth it to keep their children up past their bedtime and they normally do quite well. Kids are usually intrigued by the little adventures we go on and stay engaged as they play, interact and have fun with their family!

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