Mother and Son {Melissa Maahs Photography // Whitby Family Photographer}

This little guy just started school! In fact, the day these photos were taken was at the end of his very first day of school! It’s so hard to send your precious baby into the big wide world and start the journey of school and growing up. I know this from experience! From the day they start school, you know that things have changed forever. It’s the start of a new adventure. You realize that they are not babies anymore! They still need you, but they are embarking on the journey of becoming independent, making new friends and relationships, learning many new things, and experiencing new things. As a parent, you start to realize that you are slowly losing control over things that happen in the every day life of your baby. They now have to start to learn to make their own decisions, make mistakes (and learn from them), build relationships with people outside of the family and friends circle that they’ve been in since the day they were born. Although it can be stressful adjusting, it’s an exciting time, for both the parents and the child! It’s really true what people say when you first have a child….”they grow up way to fast, enjoy every moment when they are little, because before you know it, they will be moving out”. It’s true what ‘they’ say! Give lots of hugs, snuggles, and kisses. Spend the time being ‘present’ when you have the chance. Be a friend, yet teach them values, responsibility, and kindness. Also — get in the photos with your kids! I cannot stress this enough! Kids don’t realize the importance of it right now, but they will love you for it and thank you in the future. That’s a promise!

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